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miércoles, 7 de abril de 2010

Fans Fans Fans

We waited in line since 8am. Gaga came in a black car around 3pm. We ran up to it, and she went into this big tour bus. The security guy said she is very tired and not feeling good, cuz she had a lot of shows. So she got out and blew a kiss at us, and said hi and went in. I had my book with me (the present) and asked her security guy if he could give it to her. He promised me he would, he was so nice. So I gave it to him, and went back in line. 20 min later, the guy comes back to the front, and was like "you guys waited from 8am? wow. Where is Sara" and I tell him I'm here. He was like "you gave her the book right?" and I was like "yea" and he said she was crying! she was sooo touched. he then asked me what color my hair was, and I said "brown" and he reported back thru a walkie talkie, and said "brown" .. and I was like wtf? why does she need to know that? haha. he then also asked how many friends I have, and I said "6 of us are inline" then he said ok. anyways, so he then tells me that gaga loved the book so much, that she is letting me go in early to MEET her!!!! That's when in front of all my friends and everyone else there, I balled my eyes out. I mean, cried sooooo hard. I couldn't believe it. I thanked him, and he said to wait there. Late he comes again and gives everyone in line hot chocolate. Gaga bought EVERYONE HOT CHOCOLATE cuz we were waiting sooo long and it was cold! Then these 2 girls come, that work for Gaga, I recognized one as the Gagavision lady, and told her "OMG ur the gagavision lady!" haha and she was like "shh" lol. Then the other lady took out a box. and this is all being filmed btw!! she takes out ...A HAIR BOW!!!! she said "gaga wants to give to this you" and OMG!! i cried in front of the camera!!! I was balling! she then hands me a picture of gaga, signed and it says "To sara, I love you + your spirit, Enjoy the fame" lady Gaga. BUT she then hands me the SECOND letter and its a HUGE LETTER which i will post here! she wrote to me!!!!!! I then lost it all, and cried again. haha. she wrote ME a letter!! then the ladies left. and we waited in line. 7:30pm, we get to go backstage! we lined up inside. gaga comes! I was like "OMG GAGA did ulike the book" and she was like "OMG I loved it, it's amazing you made that, honestly, i'm so happy, I will read it all" she then signed my jacket on the back!!! and i got a picture with her!!!!! I told her to release retro Physical, haha but she said its soo old and she said "its out already" lol. then we saw the concert. and OMG it was amazing!! but guess what??? she pointed to me 3 times! and then in the middle of a set, she climbs up, and I say "happy birthday" and she goes "everyone, this is sara, she is my number one fan in the world!" and then I forget but she said something like "she made me a book" I DIED!!!! and then later she was like "i have a special guest" and i shout out "LADY STARLIGHT!?!" and she goes to me!" no sorry, shes not here today, im talking about space cowboy!!!" lol she talked to ME!! ahhh and after the whole show, the security guy comes back out, and is like to me "sara! she told me to thank you again for the book!!!" OMG! im gonna do die now!


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  1. no sé como q leí algo re largo sobre lady gaga... no da (?) lady gaga está dominando el universo últimamente, de onda (?) onda un profesor habló de ella, el vídeo infame (?) q te pasé... y bueno ahora esto, q onda man q onda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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