Soñadores trepando nubes

sábado, 30 de julio de 2011

Voy en este vuelo transoceánico oyendo tus versos melancólicosdejando que el sonido de tu voz te traiga, así, del modo más enérgico. 
Me regalaste tus somníferosme diste tu oráculo sintético, extraño método de ahogar la sed, aquí, lejos de tu lágrima. 

viernes, 29 de julio de 2011

miércoles, 27 de julio de 2011

Se me apareció un recuerdo de esos que vienen así, sin relevancia a nada. Me acordé de la canción So happy I could die, y me vino a la cabeza estar en New York una noche de madrugada escuchandola repetidamente mientras comía helado y pensar dios...que indicada, si tuviera a mi flaco acá estaba pronta, so happy I could die. Y creo que un año después la gran sensación que me queda de estar allá es pensar... Puta madre si me tengo que morir por favor que sea acá, porque nunca me sentí así.

martes, 26 de julio de 2011

Yo creo que soy lo mejor que le paso a Barbie en la historia. Humildemente.
La veo y no puedo dejar de reirme perdón jajajaja.

lunes, 25 de julio de 2011

Me pareció algo muy genial esto. Chau.

''There was a little girl, with a bookcase for a heart. Whose dusty, lonely shelves, longed for swan songs to impart. And came a dawn hued book, with pages stained which dwell, in worlds of wondering whimsy, which reality could not quell. With lashes softly crotched, around lyric violet eyes, the little girl looked up, to tug boats clearing skies. A night where stars would fly, instead of tarnished fall. And where a bookcase for a heart, was not a bad thing after all.''

sábado, 23 de julio de 2011

Qué momento dijo la oruga al convertirse en mariposa.


I came home this evening and nothing felt like how it should be. I feel like writing you a letter but that is not know me. Feel so fucking angry, don't wanna be reminded of you.

viernes, 22 de julio de 2011

Les Amants du Flore

jueves, 21 de julio de 2011

Screw New York!

JUL. 20, 2011 
Screw New York for making it hard to live anywhere else. People come to the city and get sucked in immediately. They’re always talking about getting away but the second they do, they begin to miss the energy. They sit in their big chain restaurant in their small town, spend three dollars on a cocktail and think about what they’re possibly missing in the city. “I needed this quiet, I needed this yummy iced tea, I needed to drive. Now take me back to the crowded restaurants and urine-soaked subways.”
Screw New York for getting away with murder. For being able to charge obscene amounts for rent, create the pointless job of brokers, and make it impossible to do something like grocery shop. New York is allowed to do things that no other city would have the balls to attempt. Why? Because it’s New York and people will put up with so much bullshit just to experience the everyday life of the city.
Screw New York for being too hot or too cold. For giving us five months of winter, five months of summer and only one month each for fall and spring. Screw New York for making me sweat or freeze, make me buy winter coats and show lots of skin in tank tops.
Screw New York for giving us such wonderful food and then expecting us to be skinny. Thanks for opening a carnival-themed restaurant in the East Village that serves gourmet funnel cake. Let me just eat that and have everyone judge me for 5,000 years.
Screw New York for attracting the most evil gay men in the world! They’re already sort of scary because of their narcissism but the ones who come to New York especially think they’re the best invention since sliced bread (oh, I’m sorry for even mentioning bread. I know you’re not eating that right now). Screw New York for housing the most emotionally unavailable, career-obsessed and attractive people. Here’s a game you can play every day: “How many beautiful people can I see in one day who will make me feel bad about myself?”
Screw New York for turning everyone into functional alcoholics and drug addicts. The city expects too much from us so we turn to our vices to keep up and just deal. No one judges anyone here for taking an Adderall or a Xanax. They get it. Do what you have to do, babe! Can I have some?
Screw New York for tricking everyone into believing its the center of the world. Um, hi. It’s not. Places like San Francisco and Seattle are not populated with stupid rednecks. New York is so far up its own ass and it deludes people into thinking there is nothing else in the world worthwhile. What do you know, I’m happy in Kansas City, Missouri paying three hundred dollars a month. Boo yah!
Screw New York for turning everyone into elitist jerks. Everyone thinks they’re the shit just because they “survive” in the city. It doesn’t help that everyone else in the world is sucking the city’s dick. “Oh my god, you live in New York? So jealous!” Why?! New York doesn’t want you to know that you could live happily somewhere else. It’s the giant secret. It’s like a cult that people join just because they relate to Carrie Bradshaw. I refuse to drink the Kool Aid any longer!
Screw New York for creating moments that are so beautiful, you could almost cry. Screw New York for that perfect spring afternoon or perfect beach day in the summer. It’s what we latch on to and choose to remember. It’s what keeps us renewing our lease.
Screw New York for trapping us all. Screw New York for screwing us and having us ask for some more. “Please screw me again New York. I sort of like it. I’ll do anything to stay here and have brunch with my girlfriends!”
Screw New York for making me miss it even when I write this tirade. I’ll see you, you piece of shit tomorrow. Love you. TC mark

miércoles, 20 de julio de 2011

Mariana dice:
No sé, me ponen nerviosa las situaciones asi, emocionalmente fuertes. Soy asi.

FUERTE que haya dicho esto. Me verán correr por los pasillos del Vilardebó amigos. Bloggearé desde allí.

lunes, 18 de julio de 2011

"My mom and I took a small vacation to New York recently. I enjoyed the city scenery and sometimes the never ending crowd of people because there was always something to look at."

- Christina

Hit The Road Favorites by Urban Outfitters)

domingo, 17 de julio de 2011

No other city ever made glad.
subway window (by sarah ryder)
Spend your days in the sunshine.
La solución a todo mal.

aaah bueno eso es bueno
AAAAH las extranio tantooo

yo tambiénnnnn
paaaa pero en una semana nos vamos a ver
y en breve nos vamos a sentar todas en la cocina de ceci
te juro qe extraño eso tanto tanto tanto tanto
como que, siento que voy a tener 40 años y voy a tener ganas de arrancar la cocina de ceci y meterla en mi casa

jajajaaj zaraaaapdo
PERO TIENE que estar todo incluido
tipo con comida y amigas incluido

claro claro jajaj
es como el pack

I wanna steal your innocence. To me, my life, it don't make sense.

Copado que Julian te cante eso.

viernes, 15 de julio de 2011

Her white blank page & a swelling rage

Hoy me desperté y mi computadora se había apagado sola. Como si estuviera tan cansada de que la deje prendida que tuvo que apagarse solita. Está creciendo pobrecita.

jueves, 14 de julio de 2011

Piscis : No es un buen día para compartir, hacer sociales, interrelacionar con los demás; cuanto más solo y tranquilo esté y lo dejen, mejor se sentirá y hará las cosas. 

Aparentemente no queda otra.

miércoles, 13 de julio de 2011

martes, 12 de julio de 2011

No hay palabras para esto, es demasiado.
Algo mejor? Imposible.

I hate you, Ocean! your bounding and your tumult,
My mind finds them within itself; that bitter laugh
Of the vanquished man, full of sobs and insults,
I hear it in the immense laughter of the sea.

How I would like you, Night! without those stars
Whose light speaks a language I know!
For I seek emptiness, darkness, and nudity!

But the darkness is itself a canvas
Upon which live, springing from my eyes by thousands,
Beings with understanding looks, who have vanished.

Je te hais, Océan! tes bonds et tes tumultes,
Mon esprit les retrouve en lui; ce rire amer
De l'homme vaincu, plein de sanglots et d'insultes,
Je l'entends dans le rire énorme de la mer

Comme tu me plairais, ô nuit! sans ces étoiles
Dont la lumière parle un langage connu!
Car je cherche le vide, et le noir, et le nu!

Mais les ténèbres sont elles-mêmes des toiles
Où vivent, jaillissant de mon oeil par milliers,
Des êtres disparus aux regards familiers.
— Charles Baudelaire

Can you lie next to her and give her your heart as well as your body?
and can you lie next to her and confess your love as well as your folly? 
and can you kneel before the king and say ''I'm clean''?

Feo descargar libros en Internet, FEO. Pero me pareció que esto no le hacía mal a nadie. Y fue una linda lectura de aprox. 10 min. Pensé que era más largo la verdad.

El otro día lo ví y me acordé de lo mucho que me gustaba leer ese libro en la biblioteca del Colegio. Capaz lo compro y revivo la infancia.

(Querida Susie, Querido Paul)
No me puedo sacar ésta cita de la cabeza. Es tan aplicable a mi vida(?)
''If they ever tell my story, let them say... I walked with giants. Men rise and fall like the winter wheat... but these names will never die. Let them say I lived in the time of Hector, tamer of horses. Let them say... I lived in the time of Achilles.''

Y otra muy buena pero aplicable(?)

''Men are haunted by the vastness of eternity. And so we ask ourselves: will our actions echo across the centuries? Will strangers hear our names long after we are gone and wonder who we were, how bravely we fought, how fiercely we loved?''


lunes, 11 de julio de 2011

Miro Troya en español en el 10. Creo que eso debería alcanzar para demostrar mi amor por dicha película.
La persona que hizo esto tiene todo mi respeto.

Mona: I don't feel I'm in my own town.
Tamsin: What do you mean?
Mona: It don't feel the same. I quite like it from here... with you.

Esta pelicula bizarra mal que vi ayer.

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